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The Terme di Chianciano celebrates the modern woman

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Celebrating the modern woman.

Today, being a woman means reclaiming your identity and living your life without limits.
Path to Womanhood means achieving your personal change, balancing commitment and relaxation, sport and entertainment, in an effective way for your mental wellness.
Every woman and girl has her own tastes, and think it is important to find her unicorn space, as part of a fulfilled life and to realize her own value. She is aware that prioritizing her time focuses on a better work-life balance.
The Terme di Chianciano celebrates the extraordinary women and girls of our time with strong characters, who know how to take care of their own well-being. Our Theia Thermal Pools are designed to give you a high sense of well-being, in combination with the beneficial relaxing body massage using essential oils, for real true pleasure.

The offer includes:
1 admission on 8 March to the Theia Thermal Pools
1 body Relax Massage 25 or 50 minutes
Starting at €60

Achieve the perfect look with our thermal water-based soothing cream. A super 50% off discount is now applied on the purchase of this beloved cosmetics provitamin B5 product with avocado oil and shea butter. This anti-redness cream increases skin quality and boosts radiance, and is very helpful against the harmful oxidative effects of pollution on the skin.

Info and Booking +39 057868501

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