Terme di Chianciano is one of the most important Italian SPAs and offers more elaborate thermal treatments also covered by the Italian National Health Service (INHS). Located in Chianciano Terme about 1-hour drive from Siena, it boasts two wonderful SPAs, Terme Sensoriali, and Theia Thermal Baths. Terme di Chianciano is definitely the best family vacation spot perfect for kids.

At the Terme di Chianciano, many reimbursable services are provided under the INHS agreement, such as hydrotherapy with Acqua Santa, bath and mud therapy in the treatment of rheumatic and liver diseases at the Terme Sillene, inhalation treatments, and therapeutic baths for cardiovascular disorders, especially regarding complications of chronic venous insufficiency and stasis in the legs. There is a health center, physiotherapy services equipped with a gym and MOC, sports medicine, and a clinical analysis laboratory.

No it hasn’t, but in cooperation with Chiancia-si, we offer the best match and rejuvenating breaks for hotel plus SPA packages in the city and surroundings.

Acqua Santa is the thermal and bicarbonate-calcium sulfate mineral water from Acqua Santa Park. It springs out at a temperature of 33° and is used for hydropinic therapy, body detoxification, and metabolism stimulation. It is recommended to drink a 12-day course of this water in the morning on an empty stomach. Covered by the INHS, studies reveal that it is beneficial against liver and biliary diseases, such as dyspepsia, gallstones, and after surgery on the biliary tract. Acqua Santa’s excellent natural mineral water was internationally awarded in 2019 with the AVPA recognition in Paris. During summer afternoons, it is strongly encouraged to drink the untreated high-quality spring Fucoli water rich in trace minerals, which is good for regulating digestion and cleaning the intestines. Shop easily from Terme di Chianciano online website 1-litre Acqua Santa glass bottle in a 6 pack. Your first step to wellbeing starts here.

It is not recommended to bathe children under the age of 3 here, due to the high concentration of minerals found in the Sillene spring-fed pools. In addition, the exfoliating properties of this water can irritate their thin skin. It is therefore safe for kids under three to bathe in the two warm non-thermal water and good size swimming pools customized for them, one external and one internal.

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