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Chianciano Terme is wrapped in a dream scenario, famous all over the world for its history, culture, art, food, and wine. Every year and every season, millions of Italian and international visitors enjoy these paths, attractions, and the secular cities of Tuscany.

Chianciano and its Thermal Baths

Chianciano and its thermal baths offer a simply unmissable historical site. Examples of areas known for heritage and culture are the Temple of the Madonna della Rosa, the Porta del Sole, Piazza Matteotti, the Manenti Monastery, and the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Chianciano boasts millenary roots and interesting traditions most likely passed down by the Etruscan and classical periods. A story tells that the poet Horace used to benefit from the thermal waters of Chianciano.

The Terme di Chianciano facility is perfectly placed in a truly unique and inspiring territory.

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From Chianciano discover Tuscany

Tuscany is the largest, most important, and very welcoming open-air museum in the world. Here you can visit the best-admired cities for art lovers, colorful hills, excellent foods, and incomparable wines. And Chianciano Terme is truly a privileged starting point for a unique experience in Tuscany, close to the most famous destinations that surround it.

territorio valdichiana

Val di Chiana

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This valley, located between Arezzo, Siena, Perugia, and Terni, enchanted Goethe. In addition to the famous villages of Cortona, Chiusi, and Montepulciano, the tourist influx of the Val di Chiana also takes into consideration places like Lucignano, San Casciano dei Bagni, Sinalunga, Trequanda, Torrita di Siena, Castiglion Fiorentino, Montefollonico and the best agritourism farm stays and rural retreats. Here you can discover great trekking and cycle routes, and ride a horse.

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Val d’Orcia

30 mins.

One of the most photographed landscapes of the world, Val d’Orcia is a very famous destination in Tuscany. Here you can find the characteristic cypresses of San Quirico, taste the Brunello, pecorino, Cinta Senese and pici, and visit medieval centers. Pienza and Montalcino are definitely the most attractive spots, but the whole Val d’Orcia – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – offers charming panoramas, which have conquered Renaissance artists and contemporary filmmakers.

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Bagno Vignoni

30 mins.

Bagno Vignoni is a truly special destination. In its central square is placed a 29×49 meter hot thermal water swimming pool. It was designed during the Renaissance and is outdoor. Its thermal springs were already appreciated by the Etruscans. Near the Via Francigena, Bagno Vignoni has hosted popes, Lorenzo the Magnificent and Catherine of Siena. Also, not to be missed are the picturesque old mills in the area.

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30 mins.

In Cortona, you can admire the Annunciation by Beato Angelico (Diocesan Museum), the tabula Cortonensis (Museum of the Etruscan Academy), and its historic city walls which offers a stunning view of Lake Trasimeno. Located in Valdichiana, here you can also visit the famous Palazzo Comunale with the tower and the stone stairway towards Piazza della Repubblica, the Girifalco Fortress, the Sanctuary of Santa Margherita and the Franciscan hermitage Le Celle.

territorio montepulciano


30 mins.

Montepulciano represents the perfect synthesis of Tuscany: exclusive Renaissance palaces, centuries-old churches, historic squares, mesmerizing panoramas and vineyards. Even Hollywood fell in love with Montepulciano, citing Twilight. It is therefore a unique opportunity to visit this gem during the Bravio delle Botti, the historic August event in Piazza Grande.

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30 mins.

Pienza is the perfect Renaissance city, according to Pope Pius II when he was still the humanist Piccolomini. He transformed Corsignano into a utopian town, drawing inspiration from classical and Renaissance philosophy. Rossellini and Leon Battista Alberti collaborated on this project. A series of majestic buildings were built, such as the Cathedral of the Assumption, Palazzo Piccolomini, and the solemn Piazza Pio II.

territorio siena


60 mins.

It is difficult to describe Siena. You can only admire its immortal beauty. Over the centuries, it has been becoming one of the shiniest jewels in Italy. Worth a visit is Piazza del Campo – and the Palio here hosted twice every year –, the red Palazzo Pubblico, the Torre del Mangia, and the valuable Cathedral. Every corner of Siena tells stories of the cultural identity of an entire nation. We are all grateful for it.