Sensory Baths

Get inspired by an iconic destination with a high tourism value, located between the low rolling hills of the Val d’Orcia and the medieval city of Siena. Such a journey allows all the guests a chance to enjoy the Sensory SPAs authentic experience of Chianciano Terme in the centuries-old Acqua Santa Park. And all their wonders.

20 Wonders for Body and Spirit

The Sensory Baths move away from the classic concept of thermalism. They draw inspiration from the sophisticated Oriental culture and multi-sensory experience. Scents and enchanted tales have turned into effective wellness programs: Relax, Rebalance, Energy, Detox, and Taste. Choose your sensory journey through the 20 stylish Sensory SPAs wonders, for fully pampering yourself in an oasis of relaxation and mind recharge.

Terme Sensoriali - Ingressi


from <strong>45 €</strong>
Terme Sensoriali - Massaggi


from <strong>30 €</strong>
percorso rilassante terme sensoriali new


<strong>60 €</strong>

Offers and Promotions

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Terme Sensoriali

TASTING NIGHT with Gabriello Santoni


Saturday 27 May
Sensory path with tasting of the most exclusive local products
Scents of Italy in one drink

Terme Sensoriali
centro storico pasticceria

TASTING NIGHT with Pasticceria Centro Storico


Saturday 24 June
Sensory path with tasting of the most exclusive local products
Tradition and craftsmanship in a cake

Terme Sensoriali

TASTING NIGHT with Bradi Toscani


Saturday 22 July
Sensory path with tasting of the most exclusive local products
True Tuscan flavours in a taste

Terme di Chianciano Terme Sensoriali Percorsi Sensoriali

Sensory Experiences

The sensory stimulation experiences contemplate the most advanced evidence-based naturopathic practice. Choose to enhance your Sensory Baths experience.

Terme di Chianciano Terme Sensoriali Tariffe e Orari

Timetables and Pricing

The Sensory Baths are open Friday to Monday, with personalized pricing and offers. Look at our timetables, the most convenient rates, and packages.


A modern blending of Technology and Tradition

At our Wellness Center you can find the most advanced equipment for getting into shape and relaxing. Follow a functional program, good for weight loss, skin elasticity and tonicity, or anti-aging.

Cosmetics and Your Health

Terme di Chianciano and Terme di Saturnia exclusive thermal springs present a memorable experience. The first mentioned is a bicarbonate-sulfate-calcium water. It eliminates toxins from your body and helps the hepatobiliary system. Moreover, the related hydrotherapies are extra beneficial. Terme di Saturnia’s waters, instead, speed up the skin healing process, reduce blood pressure, and strengthen the respiratory system. Also, it is a natural way to detoxify and exfoliate with antiseptic properties.
Total well-being comes with precise choices and at Terme di Chianciano we care about improving both your emotional and physical health. Look at your best with the local Chianciano thermal water dermo-cosmetics line and the ultimate Saturnia Beauty & Health collection of five-star essentials with its unique Saturnia Bioplankton® formula, for younger-looking skin.

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  • Reducing abdominal swelling and heaviness in the stomach
  • Balanced nutrition and a healthier lifestyle
  • Flushing toxins out of your body

Acqua Santa of Chianciano

According to scientific reports, the Terme di Chianciano’s natural Thermal waters are classified as bicarbonate-sulfate-calcium. Based on their composition high in mineral salts, the resulting Acqua Santa of Chianciano water has many beneficial properties, since it helps the hepatobiliary function and digestion.

Support your gut microbiota and immune system with Ready Salts of Chianciano and add them to your detox routine together with the Acqua Santa of Chianciano.