Terme di Chianciano

The excellence of spas in Italy in Chianciano Terme

Discover the spa facilities and services of the Terme di Chianciano

At the Terme di Chianciano in Tuscany, in the secular thermal park of Acqua Santa water, the waters for the treatment of the liver and the gastrointestinal tract, Acqua Santa and Acqua Fucoli gush out.
The Chianciano Spa in Tuscany is open all year and is the ideal place for spa treatments in Tuscany. Here you can find the best offers to take advantage of a wellness break different from the other spas in Tuscany. We have the most advanced thermal treatments thanks to the experience and history that characterizes the thermal offer of Chianciano, you can make thermal cures ideal for psychophysical well-being thanks to the presence of various facilities dedicated to the beauty of the body, relaxation and care of the person.
In agreement with the Health Service we provide hydropinic treatment with Acqua Santa, care enriched by baths and hepatic muds at Terme Sillene where the baths and arthoreumatic muds are practiced and, when included in the agreement, therapeutic thermal baths are performed for vascular diseases. At the Terme Sillene thermal inhalation treatments are also carried out, also in agreement with the health service.

The Health Directorate of Terme di Chianciano in viale Roma is an outpatient clinic with an analysis laboratory where sports medicine and the MOC are also located. At the Health Directorate in viale Roma, there is the medical center of UPMC Italy for the study of liver and heart diseases, specializing in diabetology where modern diagnostics and qualified specialists are located. The UPMC institute for health medical center offers screening programs dedicated to preventive medicine in particular for hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases. At the Terme Sillene of Terme di Chianciano in Piazza Marconi, there is the Center for the rehabilitation of the muscular and skeletal system, coordinated by specialists in rheumatology and orthopedics, in collaboration with rehabilitation therapists; at the Sillene Spa there is a gym for rehabilitation that is also carried out in the water as well as thermal baths for vasculopathies. Immersed in the heart of the thermal baths in Tuscany, the Sillene Thermal Baths are directly connected to the Theia thermal pools, fed by the water of the same name, while the other spa, Sensory Spa, is located in the Acqua Santa park.


Theia Thermal Pools

nature and spa wellness

Over 900 square meters of pools (internal and external), fed by the precious thermal waters of the Sillene spring.

Sensory Spa

live a unique emotion

An unforgettable wellness experience through sensory paths and the “20 wonders” proposed by the Sensory Spas (including melmarium, calidarium, saline bath, emotional showers).


Terme Sillene

wellness and spa treatments

A place to rediscover physical well-being through spa treatments and cures. The rehabilitation center specializes in skeletal and muscular problems. There are many treatments offered, all performed by highly specialized staff.

Parco Acquasanta

nature & wellness

A park that extends over an area of ​​over 7 hectares of paths, flower beds and centuries-old plants. Inside, the thermal water of the Acqua Santa spring gushes, then collected and made usable in a large room with 11 stations.

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