One of the best Thermal waters in Italy

Our Thermal Water

Due to its chemical composition, Terme di Chianciano’s thermal water provides great healing potential. At our Wellness Center, you can explore 3 different thermal waters and choose which water-based therapeutic and wellness program is best for you.

In the following sections, discover the characteristic qualities related to the physical world and its sensory representations that distinguish one water from another.

Acqua Santa by Terme di Chianciano

Acqua Santa water flows out at a temperature of 33 °C and contains magnesium and calcium bicarbonates that get into water through a calcareous rock formation with dissolved CO2 from the soil. With Ca++ levels above 150 mg/l, the Acqua Santa by Terme di Chianciano is considered a rich source of high-calcium foods. This calcium mineral water thus meets the daily nutrient requirement, just like milk, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy foods.

It should be taken in small sips on an empty stomach according to medical guidelines, since the Acqua Santa of Terme di Chianciano performs a triple function: on the bile ducts, on the enterohepatic circulation of bile, and on the liver cell.

The treatment with the bicarbonate-sulfate-calcium Acqua Santa – it can never be recreated artificially – stimulates bile production, gallbladder contraction and emptying, and releases the bile into the intestine. The recommended therapeutic cycle is approximately 12 days and can treat organic or functional dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, biliary dyskinesia with dyspepsia, chronic gastroduodenitis, and chronic acalculous cholecystitis with dyspepsia.

Drinking water cure – hydrotherapy – associated with balneotherapy and mud baths can help hepatic function. At Terme Sillene, the mud therapy together with the mineral water exerts a direct antispasmodic and decongestant effect on the liver. Therapy also includes the carbon bath in Sillene water, which increases visceral vasoconstriction, and hepatic and overall vasodilation.

Fucoli Water

Fucoli spring-water temperature is around 16.5 °C. It is therefore cold mineral water. Rich in calcium, it benefits bone health against osteoporosis, as well as stimulates the bile-acid synthesis and intestinal activity.
The bicarbonate-sulfate-calcium Fucoli water plays a crucial role in hydrotherapy, and if taken after a meal better helps your body to process food. It also exerts a protective effect against digestive disorders, irritable colon, and osteoporosis. In fact, drinking this water stimulates diuresis and mediates anti-inflammatory effects in gastrointestinal mucosa. It also improves fat digestion and absorption.

Guidelines recommended 12 continuous days for each treatment cycle.

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Sillene Water

The Sillene thermal water flows from the spring at a temperature of 38.5 °C and it feeds the natural Theia Baths. High in CO2, it is clinically effective in balneotherapy against vascular diseases and in mud-bath therapy for rheumatic and arthropathic conditions. Also, anti-inflammatory, osteoarticular, and muscle-tendon effects have been attributed to Sillene thermal water. It can be used as a curative eutrophic solution in the treatment of atopic or seborrheic dermatitis too.
It is definitely a good source of several minerals, and for this reason, is widely proposed in the hydrotherapy cure by our specialists.