Thermal Wellness in Tuscany

Terme di Chianciano

Thermal Wellness in Tuscany

The Terme di Chianciano are the ideal place to discover the thermal well-being and the tradition of spas in Italy. With us, immersed in the heart of Tuscany, between natural and artistic beauties it is possible to regenerate thanks to the healing and relaxing power of the thermal waters. The Terme di Chianciano are visited by families, couples, young and old, thanks to the varied offer of services such as the Sensory Spa, Theia Thermal Pools, the Sillene Thermal Baths and the Acqua Santa and Fucoli Parks that surround them. Discover the best Italian spas taking advantage of the relaxation and the splendid landscapes of Tuscany that here in Chianciano allow themselves to give the necessary tranquility to their own Wellness.

Day Spa

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Theia Thermal Pools

nature and spa wellness

Theia “she who shines far away” the mother of Selene in Etruscan mythology, the thermal pools of Chianciano Terme are dedicated to her.
900 square meters of indoor and outdoor pools, all fed by the Sillene thermal spring, whose beneficial and curative properties were already known in Etruscan and Roman times. Water jets, whirlpools, wellness center with sauna, turkish bath, emotional showers, rasul, wellness area, children’s area with dry grotto and wet grotto.

Sensory Spa

live a unique emotion

A unique wellness experience in Chianciano Terme, to regenerate body and mind thanks to wellness programs based on naturopathy.
A journey into the senses and emotions through the direct knowledge of 20 treatments offered by the spas including, melmarium, calidarium, salt room, path in the river, pool with music, saline pool.


Terme Sillene

wellness and spa treatments

Terme Sillene houses a rehabilitation center for muscular and skeletal problems. A wide range of treatments offered, such as mud therapy, colon hydrotherapy, arthro-rheumatic muds, inhalation treatments and baths for peripheral vasculopathies.
A treatment path followed by doctors, therapists and qualified staff.

Thermal Treatment

spa treatments and wellness treatments

At the Terme di Chianciano you receive the best thermal treatments. Because of the curative properties of the hot springs the organization is closely affiliated with the Italian National Healthcare System.


Parchi Termali Acqua Santa & Fucoli

nature and events

In Chianciano Terme, the spas combine with well-being, remise en forme and sport to be practiced in the Theia Thermal Pools, in the gym of Terme Sillene and in the greenery of the Fucoli and Acqua Santa Park and connected to each other, with the possibility of using of an innovative conference location for shows and major events, the Palamontepaschi built inside the Fucoli Park.

Terme di Chianciano

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Viale terme 57


Health Directorate

Viale Roma 103

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news e approfondimenti sulle Terme di Chianciano

UPMC Institute for Health: personalized prevention programs in Tuscany

Acqua Santa Water

The therapeutic mud of Terme di Chianciano

Terme in Toscana

Wellness, relax e natura nel cuore della Toscana.

La Toscana è una regione capace di rivelare bellezze inaspettate anche al di fuori degli itinerari turistici più noti. Soggiornare presso le Terme di Chianciano può essere un motivo in più per scoprire piccoli borghi toscani poco conosciuti che vale la pena di visitare.

Ecco come trasformare un soggiorno termale in una vacanza unica, perché unico è quell’insieme di paesaggiostoria e cultura che da Chianciano si apre verso il mare e verso nord.

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