Spa treatments at the Terme di Chianciano

At the Terme di Chianciano you can find a wide range of spa treatments discover them now.

At the Terme di Chianciano it is possible to take advantage of the best spa treatments, also in agreement with the National Health System, thanks to the healing water of Terme Sillene, particularly indicated for the treatment of the liver, the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system.
  • Hydropinic treatments

    Discover the unique properties of the healing waters of the Terme di Chianciano
  • Terme sillene

    At Terme Sillene we offer a full range of rehabilitation services
  • Access to health care

    The Italian National Healthcare System finances treatments for a broad range of pathologies!
  • Medical Activities

    The Italian National Healthcare System finances a broad range of medical services
  • Scientific research

    Chianciano have been renowned since Antiquity. Archaeologists have excavated Roman thermal buildings and Etruscan sanctuaries near the springs.
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