Medical and physiotherapy activity at the Terme Sillene

At the Terme Sillene of Terme di Chianciano, the whole range of protocols related to rehabilitation is carried out.

At the Terme Sillene is the center for the rehabilitation of the muscular and skeletal system, coordinated by specialists in rheumatology and orthopedics, in collaboration with rehabilitation therapists.

  • fangobalneoidroterapia chianciano

    Drinking, balneo-, hydro- and mud therapy

    Terme di Chianciano

    This treatment is indicated for dyspepsia of gastroenteric or biliary origin, irritable bowel syndrome accompanied by constipation, dyskinesis of the bile ducts accompanied by dyspepsia, chronic gastroduodenitis, and chronic alithiasic cholecystitis accompanied by dyspepsia.
  • idrocolnterapia chianciano

    Colon hydro-therapy

    Terme di Chianciano

    The colon hydro-therapy technique has been around since ancient times. It consists in intestinal lavage with Acqua Termale Sillene (Sillene thermal water). This water is rich in mineral salts such as sulphate, bicarbonate and calcium.
  • fanghi artrorumatici chianciano

    Mud therapy for rheumatic and arthropathic conditions

    Terme di Chianciano

    Mud therapy for rheumatic and arthropathic conditions
    Mud therapy is indicated for rheumatic and arthropathic conditions, post-traumatic lesions and osteoporosis. This therapeutic treatment alleviates pain and enhances the joint’s functions while slowing down the progress of diseases.
  • cure inalatorie chianciano

    Inhalatory treatment

    Terme di Chianciano

    This treatment is indicated for all chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, chronic atrophic conditions (rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis) and catarrhal mucopurulent conditions. The sessions last 10 minutes each.
    This therapy can be provided in accordance with special arrangements with the National Health Service.
  • bagni vasculopatie chianciano

    Baths for Peripheral Vasculopathy

    Terme di Chianciano

    Indicated for vascular diseases, this therapy consists in a cycle of 12 baths in Sillene thermal water. The baths are provided in a single whirlpool bath.
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