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Terme di Chianciano: Summer vibes SPA days 2023

apertura Terme di Chianciano

When does the summer season start in 2023?

The summer SPA season begins on April 2 at the Terme di Chianciano, which proposes a huge range of possibilities, from new SPA treatments and therapeutic wellness to thermal medicine with almost no cost-sharing at all.

What can you expect from a SPA experience at Terme di Chianciano?

You can choose between several new Wellness Thermal Health & SPA options and a wide selection of thermal cures and rehabilitation at little to no cost. Enjoy your time by accessing the Theia Thermal Pools, Terme Sensoriali SPA, the Institute For Health Medical Center, and the Health Gym, for an unforgettable summer!
The Terme di Chianciano promotes health and well-being. The healing properties of its unique thermal water are truly beneficial for everyone.

What are the new wellness and integrated thermal care proposals? How many packages are in Terme di Chianciano?

The new wellness and thermal care proposal by Terme di Chianciano combines the benefits of hydrotherapy, the therapeutic bathing in the Chianciano hot mineral spring waters (Acqua Santa and Santissima) and mud baths, with the expertise and the highest level of specialized care at the Medical Center Institute For Health.
If you want to start your weight loss journey, the most effective eating plan for you is tailored based on your needs and according to metabolic profiling, diet counseling, and personalized exercise plans. Strictly connected to nutrition is a series of wellness treatments including thermal waters that boost a general feeling of deep relaxation, stimulate serotonin, and reduce anxiety and stress.
In the Chianciano facilities, you can return to good health through well-thought-out plans, regular physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle over the life course.
There are four wellness and thermal care packages: “Acqua Santa Detox“, “Naturally Fit“, “Serotonin Boost” and “Beautiful Forever“. These four 3- or 6-night signed packages allow you to figure out your healthy target weight and make you feel happier.

apertura Terme di Chianciano

Are thermal cures covered by INHS (Italian National Health Service) at the Terme di Chianciano?

You can get free or discounted thermal INHS-funded treatments at the Terme di Chianciano aimed at curing liver diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with constipation, chronic cholecystitis, arthritis and rheumatic diseases, vasculopathy, upper respiratory tract infections, hand pathologies, fibromyalgia, and metabolic disorders. It also includes musculoskeletal rehabilitation, provided free of charge for residents in the province of Siena. At this link >> you will find all the information you need in order to access the medical treatments. Receive free healthcare, and save 50% on the second medical treatment.
The national thermal cure scheme entitles every Italian citizen to access completely reimbursable thermal bath treatments every year, so our doctors are available to deliver the requested prescription. Find out how to access thermal care >>


What does healing water mean?

Water is life and hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is the most natural health remedy for illnesses. Drinking water is a simple gesture of everyday life, which treats a variety of symptoms if the water is thermal. Chianciano water is recognized to have the right amount of minerals from the soil and the right temperature, and this may be beneficial to those who drink it.

Ancient people have widely used the healing properties of water since the first civilizations. The history of the Etruscans and Romans tells of facilities like thermae and balneae for bathing, while thermal medicine was embraced in the Renaissance. Nowadays the use of hydrotherapy has achieved widespread acceptance across the world.

What are the benefits of Acqua Santa water by Terme di Chianciano?

Chianciano Terme water, known as Acqua Santa, flows out at a temperature of 33°C within a verdant site in Tuscany and contains high quantities of minerals, especially bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, and sulfates.

It is recommended to drink Acqua Santa water preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, to move the bowel and reduce bloat. In short, a healthy gut helps bring balance to your immune system and contributes to overall well-being.

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Where can you buy Acqua Santa water by Terme di Chianciano?


You can shop the Acqua Santa water by Terme di Chianciano both in Chianciano Terme and from the online store Bottled water is also available in pharmacies and Naturasì shops.

Try the all-natural perfect Detox Ritual kit to optimize your body’s natural detoxification process today. It contains Acqua Santa water and the delicious Sali Pronti mineral salts. Zero calories, healthy pleasure!

What are the top Acqua Santa water benefits?

The most effective ways to detoxify your body naturally and to improve your gut health involve drinking thermal hot spring water in the Acqua Santa park at the Terme di Chianciano.

Hydrotherapy also enhances the benefits of Terme di Chianciano’s wellness treatments, including thermal baths at Theia Thermal Pools, Sensory SPAs, health-related programs, customized exercise programs developed by the Health Gym‘s professionals, the access to the Terme di Chianciano Medical Center “Institute for Health” network of medical excellence and many other SPA experiences. Your body will benefit from having a good SPA day for your physical and mental well-being.

For information and suggestions on Terme di Chianciano’s carefully curated programs for health and wellness, call +39 (0)578 68323 or write to


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