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Terme di Chianciano “Institute for Health” 1st-day SPA business in Banca delle Visite

The award-winning Medical Center Terme di Chianciano “Institute for Health” adheres to “La Banca delle Visite” as the first Italian day SPA company.


Chianciano Terme is the first Friendly Municipality in Tuscany to join the Banca delle Visite solidarity program. It promotes social welfare and provides better access to healthcare for people in fragile-affected situations.

Banca delle Visite care program, managed by the Banca delle Visite non-profit foundation, plays in helping those who are unable to pay for needed medical services, and provides timely access to medical examinations and clinical tests at specialized accredited healthcare facilities, reducing spending. All the health care expenses are raised through donation-based crowdfunding that involves a large Italian solidarity network.

The project presentation will be held in the Sala Fellini at the Chianciano Terme’s Acqua Santa Park. Terme di Chianciano Institute for Health Medical Center will be the first Banca delle Visite SuperCentre in the area and will run a solidarity package and cost-containment strategies in healthcare.

Why did the Terme di Chianciano Medical Center join the Banca delle Visite project?

Terme di Chianciano CEO Dr. Carlo Alberto Martellozzo declares: “Terme di Chianciano is the first Italian SPA company adhering to the project and delivers exceptional care and specialist thermal spa treatmentsfor the real benefit of the patients, at practically no cost. Thermal Medicine and Medical Hydrology are combined with good lifestyles, rehabilitation therapy, and toxic habit prevention.

Presentation Ceremony on Friday, 21 April 2023 at 6:00 PM. The public event will take place at the Sala Fellini of the Terme di Chianciano’s Acqua Santa Park.


Terme di Chianciano Banca Visite





How to ask for help:

Help requests are dispatched directly to the Banca delle Visite institute. Click here to submit your request:

Once the requirements have been validated, the Foundation will schedule a regular appointment at the nearest health center location.


How to provide support to this project:

We believe you are people in need’s added value. Here you can donate to charity for bringing them access to care. You can contribute online at the following link, simply and securely, to whoever is in need of you! Link:


Click to learn more


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