Hydropinic treatments

The hydrotherapy cures of the Terme di Chianciano

Discover the unique properties of the healing waters of the Chianciano Terme

Treating yourself with water in a natural way is possible at the Terme di Chianciano with the mineral water treatments that exploit the properties of the thermal waters and consist in the daily intake, according to medical prescription, of Acqua Santa or Acqua Fucoli.

Hydropinic Therapy with Acqua Fucoli

Hydropinic treatment with Acqua Fucoli, taken in the afternoon, after having digested, is particularly indicated for digestive problems, for irritable colon accompanied by constipation and for the prevention of osteoporosis. Drinking this water increases the quantity of bile and favours its disposal, regulates intestinal mobility, activates diuresis and exercises an antiinflammatory action on gastrointestinal mucous. It is also useful to improve digestion and absorption of the fats in foods.The advised treatment cycle is 12 days.

Hydropinic Therapy with Acqua Santa

Drinking Acqua Santa on an empty stomach divided into doses according to medical prescription, acts on three levels: on the bile ducts, on the enterohepatic circulation of the bile acids and on the hepatic cells. Treatment with Acqua Santa, which cannot be recreated artificially in a laboratory, stimulates the production of bile, provokes the contraction and emptying of the gall bladder and the passage of bile in the intestine via the bile ducts. The recommended treatment cycle lasts 12 days and is indicated for dyspepsia of gastroenteric or biliary origin, irritable bowel syndrome accompanied by constipation, dyskinesis of the bile ducts accompanied by dyspepsia, chronic gastroduodenitis, and chronic alithiasic cholecystitis accompanied by dyspepsia. Treatment may be limited to drinking the water (hydropinic treatment) or it may be supplemented with mud and water baths for the hepatic region (mud-balneo-hydrotherapy bathing cycle). The mud baths for the hepatic region in the Terme Sillene, which complement the hydropinic therapy, activate an antispastic and decongestant action.
The treatment is completed with the carbon dioxide bath in Sillene water which activates the vasoconstriction of the bowels and vasodilatation in the hepatic and systemic area.

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