Our SPA equipment is based on advanced technology for unique and personalized treatments. In combination with the extraordinary Terme Sensoriali’s cosmetic formulations, our SPA is enhanced by technology for advanced performance and effective results.

tecnologie terme sensoriali chianciano

Dibiskin ultra

To be combined with a facial treatment for an additional €20

Dibiskin Ultra is a noninvasive relaxing technology that emits ultrasound. Mostly used for facial treatments, this machine cleanses and smoothes the skin. Also, it penetrates below the skin’s surface and removes dead skin cells, promoting collagen production.

Dibiskin power

To be combined with a facial treatment for an additional €20

Dibiskin Power is an innovative and effective treatment based on electro permeation that gives instant results. This technology makes your skin radiant, smooth, and compact, boasting an instant lifting effect. Applied to your body, it helps to defeat cellulite and sagging skin.

Dibiskin body

75 €

This treatment performs the reduction of the most common imperfections of the body, thanks to its full range of programs. 100% satisfaction guarantee.


60 mins.

Removes toxins and excess fluid from tissues, improving microcirculation.


60 mins.

Reduces fat deposits and reshapes your silhouette, while recompacting connective tissues and fixing the orange peel effect.


60 mins.

It selectively activates muscle groups, improving skin and tissues’ elasticity and tone.

Lymph Energy

65 €

Magnetotherapy effectively reverses poor circulation in your body. It reduces arms and legs’ heaviness, redefines your silhouette, and helps you fight cellulite blemishes.