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massaggi terme sensoriali chianciano

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Gentle manipulating your body stimulates your lymphatic system to detox and boost circulation. Against cellulite and water retention.

Head, shoulders and neck relaxation treatment

The treatment opens with pleasant hot volcanic stones, camellia oil, and precious trace elements massage for the neck, shoulders, and trapezius. Then treat your scalp and hair with a good nourishing and fortifying massage. End with a relaxing décolleté, neck, and shoulders hot stones massage, and finally get a face total relaxation manipulation.

Fire Massage

Extremely energizing massage that incorporates Afro music and rituals in a very magnetic way.

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage

A relaxing, rejuvenating, and draining massage with pure hot oils.

Couples Massage

Emotional relaxing massage for intimate couples’ experiences.