Sensory SPAs: our Healthy Lifestyle Programs

In Terme di Chianciano, Sensory SPAs are the perfect location to regenerate your body and spirit. Take a break for relaxation and find the right experience thanks to the sensory healthy lifestyle programs developed by our naturopaths.

Combined with the classic SPA treatments, they give rise to five different versions depending on needs: Relax, Rebalance, Energy, Detox, and Taste.

Choose your next wellness experience.

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Relax Program

It can help ease the discomfort and pain caused by agitation, anxiety, tension and vasomotor headache, and states of stress. The Relaxing Program is thus recommended for psycho-physical relaxation and as a treatment for musculoskeletal tensions. Find out all the details of this program.

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Rebalance Program

Body, mind, and spirit find their harmony and achieve a psycho-physical balance. This program illustrates an effective sequence of combined treatments, such as walking by the river, emotional showers, melmarium, chakra chromotherapy, charging pyramids, and much more for all-around personal health.

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Energy Program

When you are physically and mentally exhausted, there is no need to continue to strive, ignoring what your body is telling you. The Energy Program treats and prevents burnout, protects the immune system, and overcomes anxiety, insecurity, insomnia, wasting syndrome, panic attacks, and agitation.

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Detox Program

Your body and mind have a complex detoxification system and you need to keep all your organs healthy in order to properly flush out toxins. When metabolism issues and mental fatigue appear, it’s time to follow a special plan to improve your wellbeing. The Chianciano Detox Program is used to eliminate harmful substances from your body due to bad eating habits, improper lifestyles, medications, or intestinal dysbiosis. Purify your body and drain your system naturally also for brighter and healthier skin.

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Taste Program

Eating is a wider emotional experience bringing together all the senses and taste, above all, is a real pleasure of life. The residential buffet designed by Professor Nicola Sorrentino, scientific director of Terme di Chianciano’s Sensory SPAs, represents a healthy meal plan, where a balanced diet meets taste. All served in a sophisticated environment.