Scientific research at the Terme di Chianciano

The therapeutic properties of the thermal waters of the Terme di Chianciano were already known in antiquity. Important archaeological discoveries have shown the existence of Roman thermal buildings and Etruscan sanctuaries near the sources and the finds are preserved.

The main springs, Acqua Santa, Acqua Fucoli, Acqua Santissima and Acqua Sillene, are the precious resource on which the wellness treatments of the Terme di Chianciano are still based today. At the Terme di Chianciano, in the green thermal park of Acqua Santa, the beneficial waters gush out, indicated above all for the care of the liver and the gastrointestinal system. At the Terme di Chianciano, in conjunction with the National Health Service, the hydropinic treatment with Acqua Santa is carried out (enhanced by the intake of Acqua Fucoli) care enriched by baths and hepatic muds at the Terme Sillene where, always in agreement with the NHS, they are the baths and the mud baths are practiced and the hydro-massage baths for the treatment of the peripheral vasculopathies.

Terme Sillene hosts the inhalation center (treatments agreed with the NHS) and the Center for rehabilitation and physiokinesi therapy is active, coordinated by medical specialists in collaboration with expert rehabilitation therapists, also affiliated with the NHS. The therapeutic efficacy of water is validated today by constant and sophisticated scientific research. Already in 1906, Baduel, a pupil of Perugian Silvestrini, reported two cases of women suffering from colelitisiaca disease in a painful phase despite opiates. The effect of the treatment with Acqua Santa is immediate with regression of jaundice and expulsion of the calculation. “The expulsive action of these mineral waters on the calculations – he writes with the words of Silvestrini – is too obvious to be denied”. Caramazza in 1933 wrote about thermal mud therapy and defines the advantages on the liver as “surprising” “volume is reduced, sense of weight and pain are removed, the patient feels a rapid improvement in the general state”. The research, from the nineteenth century to the present day, signed by the most illustrious researchers in the medical and academic world, published in the main scientific journals, constitutes an incomparable value relative to the validation of the effectiveness of thermal treatments. Research that goes on continuously in the future with the work of the Medical Scientific Committee of Terme di Chianciano, chaired by Professor Ranuccio Nuti.

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