Attività e servizi medici delle Terme di Chianciano

Presso la nostra struttura convenzionata col servizio sanitario nazionale trovi un'ampia gamma di servizi medici.

Alle Terme di Chianciano è possibile usufruire delle migliori cure termali, anche in convenzione con il Sistema Sanitario Nazionale, grazie all’acqua curativa delle Terme Sillene, particolarmente indicata per la cura del fegato, dell’apparato gastroenterico e dell’apparato muscoloscheletrico.
  • poliambulatori terme chianciano

    Polyclinic unit

    Terme di Chianciano

    The polyclinic unit is a structure hosting a diagnostic division with a laboratory for chemical and clinical analyses.
  • medicina estetica terme chianciano

    Aesthetic medicine

    Terme di Chianciano

    In the aesthetic medicine and thermal division, the most innovative, leading-edge products and treatments are deployed − together with the waters − to enhance our clients’ physical and facial beauty. The service is provided with the back-up of highly qualified physicians active within the beauty and wellness sector. The most innovative techniques are adopted for physical beauty and the removal of expression lines, cellulite dimpling or orange peel and all other physical imperfections.
  • medicina sport terme chianciano

    Sports medicine

    Terme di Chianciano

    Examinations are carried out at the sports medicine centre to verify suitability of the physique for sporting or competitive activities.
  • laboratorio analisi terme chianciano

    Analytic Laboratory

    Terme di Chianciano

    The full range of biochemical and clinical analyses can be carried out at the analytic laboratory. The results are provided most rapidly and according to our clients’ needs.
  • fisokenesiterapia terme chianciano

    Kinetic physiotherapy

    Terme di Chianciano

    The Centro di Fisiokinesiterapia (Kinetic Physiotherapy Centre) provides traditional physiotherapeutic methods − both instrumental (Laser, Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, Magnetotherapy etc.) and manual (Massage Therapy, Kinesis, Stretching, Postural and Neuromotor Re-education, Lymphatic Drainage, Vascular Gym, Hydrokinesis).
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