The hydrotherapy cures of the Terme di Chianciano

Discover the unique properties of the healing waters of the Chianciano Terme

Treating yourself with water in a natural way is possible at the Terme di Chianciano with the mineral water treatments that exploit the properties of the thermal waters and consist in the daily intake, according to medical prescription, of Acqua Santa or Acqua Fucoli.
  • Hydropinic Therapy with Acqua Fucoli

    Terme di Chianciano

    Hydropinic treatment with Acqua Fucoli, taken in the afternoon, after having digested, is particularly indicated for digestive problems, for irritable colon accompanied by constipation and for the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Hydropinic Therapy with Acqua Santa

    Terme di Chianciano

    Drinking Acqua Santa on an empty stomach divided into doses according to medical prescription, acts on three levels: on the bile ducts, on the enterohepatic circulation of the bile acids and on the hepatic cells.
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