THERMAL HOLISTIC WELLNESS & HEALTHY LIFESTYLES Chianciano Open Day 9, 10, 11 and 12 of June

    Just a few weeks left before the opening of ASI’s great event, organized in partnership with the town of Chianciano Terme, Chianciano SPA and Consorzio Chianciasi. During these four days it will be possible to attend conferences, performances, lessons and concerts where the holistic and oriental arts will be the main topic.
    For all those participating the Consorzio Chianciasi offers a special holiday package:

    1 overnight stay in 3* Hotel in full board treatment at € 50,00 per person; overnight stay in 4* Hotel in full board treatment at € 60,00 per person

    For our clients will be also available free treatments with limited numbers, only on reservation. Moreover, during the event everyone can follow free Yoga and Laughter Yoga lessons and Taiji courses inside Parco Fucoli open spaces. There will be also a corner dedicated to our pet friends, with free vet visits and treatments.
    All ASI, CNUPI, MSA, PRAI, CONFASSOLISTICHE members participating at the “Thermal Holistic Wellness & Healthy Lifestyles Chianciano Open Day” will receive discount coupons for further holiday stays in Chianciano Terme.
    Here the list of all the activities that will take place during the event:
    The Bio-magnetic nutrition combine the normal food cooking procedures with bio-magnetic therapies and bio-natural disciplines, to reawaken every being potential, stimulating its conscience, helping him find its inner equilibrium. Food is enhancing in its organoleptic qualities.
    ANDEAN SPIRITUAL TRADITION simple walk can bring you meeting the four Elements – air, fire, water, earth – establishing a contact with them based on the experiences of the ancient savants that once lived on the Peruvian Andes in the area of Quero and Wasau. From these experiences derived the Andean Spiritual Tradition method.
    Skinreflexology is a holistic discipline dedicated to the psychophysical wellbeing and to the spiritual evolution. This discipline combine ancient esoteric knowledges with the phenomenal discoveries made by the Italian scientist Giuseppe Calligaris.
    The reflexology techniques use the skin as a mirror to check the psychic and somatic sphere, observing the energy level to promote the psychophysical balance and the self-knowledge.
    Performances by the player and composer Fernando D’Anelli, that involve the energetic vibrations produce by sounds, by rhytms and by the spontaneous language of vocal and instrumental improvisation.
    Main aim of this discipline is to learn different way of communication to understand our self and the other; support and address people in the mediation; participating through the conscious aware use of words.
    This method based on the music movement promote the development of the human being through the alignment of body, mind and soul. Working on the energetic balance is possible to create self-improvement through the body movement where balance and dynamism became instructive experiences.

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