The Salone Nervi Hall
Terme di Chianciano

The hall, Salone Nervi, is named after the renowned architect, Pier Luigi Nervi, who designed the ceiling here in 1952.
This undoubtedly fascinating construction reminds one of the large hall designed by Nervi in Rome: the Sala Paolo VI.
The Salone Nervi is an amazingly well lit hall. Thanks to its furnishings, with their vaguely ‘retro’ look, the hall is an exceedingly elegant venue for conventions, meetings, and evening gala occasions.
The hall is the Parco Acquasanta park’s ‘star attraction’, located within easy reach of the Terme Sensoriali facility and of all the services on offer in the town itself. Next to the hall is another elegantly appointed space known as the Sala Ottagonale (octagonal room), providing a perfect setting for exhibitions or for the catering provided during events in the Salone Nervi.

Platform stage, press room, podium, office, welcome desk.


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