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April 21: Foot Reflexology Open Day at Terme di Chianciano

A holistic approach to integrative Health & Wellbeing

The next Foot Reflexology Open Day will take place at the Medical Center Terme di Chianciano Institute for Health in Via Roma 97/99, Chianciano Terme (SI), on Friday 21 April 2023, from 10:00 AM.

The event focuses on holistic practices and creates a unique free opportunity for people to connect with these dimensions of health. You can participate in a one-on-one healing session to step into your next level of wellness. Our holistic therapist, Aureliana Nannotti, provides evidence-based treatment with a deeply human approach and is available to answer all your questions. Your experience with this relaxing therapeutic treatment performed on the feet will be a truly special journey.

Terme di Chianciano differs from all the Italian SPAs for its refreshed care plan and exclusive treatments. Currently, the Institute For Health Medical Center offers consultations in Integrative Medicine that are more patient-centered and aims to improve your health and wellness. Conventional and complementary medicines merge to help you obtain maximum benefits. Doctors and nurses, SPA operators, wellness operators, and holistic therapists work together in a coordinated way within the Medical Center of Terme di Chianciano. Psychophysical well-being and dynamic balance become a priority for a patient, in order to prevent and treat diseases. The holistic approach to healing is viewed as an integrative method to support overall well-being that considers the whole person, including all individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. There is a close relationship between physical symptoms and emotions. Physical pain is often an issue of emotional origin, like butterflies in your stomach when your body becomes tense and gastrointestinal motility caused by stress. In consideration of this, holistic medicine incorporates mind-body techniques into the process of self-healing and gradually restores the personal natural equilibrium.

At the Institute for Health Medical Center, you can practice many holistic disciplines, such as Reiki, Paths to Emotional Consciousness, and Foot Reflexology.
In particular, reiki is a meditative therapy in which the practitioner guides universal energy to the patient’s body, encouraging a healthy flow.
Paths to Emotional Consciousness instead raise emotional awareness that is linked to organ health.
Finally, Foot Reflexology involves a specific massage to points of the feet connected to organs. This technique unblocks and stimulates your vital energy which flows through the affected organs. It has been shown to provide deep relaxation, relief from pain, and manage chronic conditions.

For more info and to book a one-on-one healing session at the Foot Reflexology Open Day call +39(0)57861198 or write to

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