During the summer months, the Parchi (parks) provide not just water for drinking (hydropinic treatment) but also entertainment, music and sporting events, for adults and children alike. The parks host activities for children, outdoor gentle exercises and Mass in the park (Messa nel Parco) on Sunday mornings. Medical conferences are also organised, as well as a loyalty party in the evening, dedicated to Chianciano’s guests. Cultural events, wining and dining events, book presentations, dance lessons, music, art exhibitions, afternoon and evening dances, tennis and bowls all take place here.
A sporting holiday. A relaxing holiday. A holiday for the entire family. Twenty hectares of parkland at the spa complex offering health and wellness for all! .

The Parco Acqua Santa Park

Terme di Chianciano

The link between the Terme di Chianciano area and healthcare and wellness activities reflects longstanding traditions going back to ancient epochs. This is confirmed by Etruscan and Roman archaeological finds associated with the cult of waters (small sacred statues and votive reproductions of livers in stone and bronze).
There were prolonged conflicts over control of this part of the world, with the Ghibellines of Siena struggling against the Guelphs of Orvieto, who received the support of Florence. The thermal waters were first exploited in the 17th century. This came about (at a late time in
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The Parco Fucoli Park

Terme di Chianciano

Parco Fucoli, which is linked to Parco Acqua Santa, occupies an area of more than 4 hectares of extremely well-tended, verdant parkland. Parco Fucoli offers many opportunities for events, whether in the field of entertainment or sports, or just for fun! At the heart of the park is the ‘mescita dell’Acqua Fucoli’, or distribution point for Fucoli water. There is a fountain in the middle of this circular outdoor area with its ‘spouts’ or ‘spigots’ providing the water (also heated). Parco Fucoli hosts the Palamontepaschi complex. This complex hosts various events including congresses and shows. Amid
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