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Acqua Santa Water

Terme di Chianciano

Acqua Santa is a thermal mineral water, classified as bicarbonate-sulphate-lime. For hydropinic therapy purposes it is depurative and detoxinating. It stimulates the metabolism and is efficacious in countering the effects of prolonged pharmacological treatments.
The water is for drinking in the morning, while fasting, at the Acqua Santa Park (where the source or spring provides the water at a constant temperature of 33°C). The recommended treatment cycle lasts at least 12 days. Special arrangements with the National Health Service are available, in accordance with the indications of the patient’s
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Acqua Sillene Water

Terme di Chianciano

The Terme Sillene spa water spring is on a hill where the ancient Etruscans celebrated their rites. The temperature at the spring is 38.5°C. Acqua Sillene is used for carbo-gaseous balneotherapy and in preparing thermal mud.
Acqua Sillene water contains considerable amounts of free carbon dioxide.
It is used in balneotherapy, supplementing hydropinic treatment and also serving as a basis for mud baths for the hepatic region. It is also used in carbo-gaseous balneotherapy for vascular diseases and in mud-balneotherapeutic treatment of arthrorheumatic diseases.
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Acqua Fucoli Water

Terme di Chianciano

The temperature of Acqua Fucoli water at the source is 16.5°C. Acqua Fucoli water is therefore a cold mineral water (classified as bicarbonate-sulphate-lime water).
At the source or spring (la Sorgente), it is to be taken in the afternoon following complete digestion. It increases the quantity of bile and favours bile outflow. This water is indicated for procuring regular intestinal motility. It exerts anti-inflammatory action upon the gastroduodenal mucosa.
Acqua Fucoli water is rich in calcium. It contributes to prevention of osteoporosis. Since the bottled water is currently unavailable,
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Acqua Santissima Water

Terme di Chianciano

The water from the Santissima spring is classified as a bicarbonate-sulphate-lime-alkaline-terrous water. It is used at the Terme di Chianciano spa facility for inhalations and aerosol therapy for adults and children, and for nasal douches.
It is a hypothermal water (spring temperature, 24°C). It exerts anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and sedative action, targeting the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and the bronchial tree.
Acqua Santissima water provides efficacious treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, and chronic bronchitis, including asthmatoid bronchitis, when inhalatory
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Bottled Waters

Terme di Chianciano

The effects of the spa treatment at the spring, along with a relaxing holiday at Chianciano Terme, may be boosted taking home some Acqua Santa which is bottled and distributed throughout Italy.
Acqua Santa is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, heated by bain-marie, for a period of 15 days before treatment at the spring and then for another 15 days after. After six months another treatment cycle at home is advised for 30 days.

The still Acqua Santa mineral water may be delivered to your home address if you order it by
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Terme di Chianciano

This tensile structure located in the park, Parco Fucoli, seats 990. It is the ideal venue for events such as conventions, meetings, congresses, sporting events, presentations and inaugurations, requiring large-scale technical resources. The structure was designed as an architectural barrier-free complex with access for the disabled and wheelchair-bound, not only to the usual areas (stalls and toilets) but also to the catering areas and the stage (by a side ramp).
PARKING: the Palamontepaschi complex includes a large car park with lighting, providing direct access to the structure. Neighbouring
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The Sala Fellini Hall

Terme di Chianciano

This hall, recently constructed, is dedicated to the great film director, Fellini. Fellini’s masterpiece “8 1/2” draws its inspiration from the atmospheres of the Terme di Chianciano spa resort. The hall provides an ideal venue for meetings, conventions and conferences.
All facilities and equipment for events of this kind can be provided. The complex is located in the Parco Acquasanta park, amid old trees and springs renowned for their healthgiving water.

Platform stage, table for speakers with microphones, podium, office, welcome desk.

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The Salone Nervi Hall

Terme di Chianciano

The hall, Salone Nervi, is named after the renowned architect, Pier Luigi Nervi, who designed the ceiling here in 1952.
This undoubtedly fascinating construction reminds one of the large hall designed by Nervi in Rome: the Sala Paolo VI.
The Salone Nervi is an amazingly well lit hall. Thanks to its furnishings, with their vaguely ‘retro’ look, the hall is an exceedingly elegant venue for conventions, meetings, and evening gala occasions.
The hall is the Parco Acquasanta park’s ‘star attraction’, located within easy reach of the Terme Sensoriali facility and of all the services on offer in the
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