The Terme di Chianciano spa offers top quality thermal treatment (also available in accordance with special agreements with the National Health Service), thanks to the water at the Terme Sillene spa facility. This water is especially indicated for treatment of the liver, gastroenteric apparatus and muscular-skeletal apparatus.


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A world of treatments... available in accordance with special agreements!


The Terme di Chianciano spa offers a number of treatments that can be provided thanks to special agreements reached with the National Health Service. Drinking (hydropinic) treatment is available for liver conditions. Whirlpool baths are provided for patients with vascular diseases. Hepatic baths and mud packs are available. Baths and mud packs are also provided for rheumatic and arthropathic conditions, as are inhalatory treatments. To benefit from one of the following treatment cycles − following payment of a ‘ticket’ fee of 55.00 euros (to which certain exemptions also apply)* − all you’ll need is a prescription from your family doctor!


* * Exemptions apply to all patients below the age of 6, and above the age of 65, with a total yearly household income of less than € 36,151.98; pensioners with minimum pension who are over 60 years old; and the unemployed with a household income of less than € 8,263.31 or € 11,362.05 with dependent spouse (rising by € 516.46 per dependent child). Various solutions apply to the disabled, also depending on degree of invalidity. Invalidi civili (civilian invalids) with a 100% rating, fully blind persons, grandi invalidi del lavoro (invalids severely injured as a result of work accidents), invalidi di guerra (war invalids), and invalidi di servizio di prima categoria (a class of persons with severe invalidities) are all fully exempted. Please note that persons entitled to assistance from the National Health Service are entitled to one treatment cycle per year.

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