pubblicato il 02/11/2016 16:01:00
The Tuscan wellness tailored for you

6 wellness programs for mind and body

Terme di Chianciano have thought for you 6 different wellness programs that, through the waters and treatments, can you find the perfect shape, purify and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The programs are designed to meet your needs, to discover your body and to return in better shape than ever. Don’t believe in generic back in shape! Entrust to those who have over 50 years of experience wiyh their old traditions and precious waters! In our spa, throughout our history, our experience and our propensity to psychological well-being are at your disposal through the most modern and innovative techniques to customize your program.

In collaboration with UPMC University of Pittsburg, Stay Well will accompany you for a week in a Tuscan spa in the green hills between Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana, to detoxify your body from the stress and routine of your everyday life.

Do you love yourself? STAY WELL by CHIANCIANO TERME is the solution for you.